Your guide for choosing the best reborn artists

Choosing the best Reborn artists may sound like a very quick and simple decision, but there is more in the process than it meets the eye. It’s practice, this decision can get very challenging and overwhelming if you do not know where to even begin with.

And with the increasing number of artists in the community due to reborn dolls’ popularity over the years, it is easy to get confused about who you can rely on.

A good reborn artist is a master of reborn crafting. They spend countless hours on every project and pay attention to the smallest of details. And if you are new to the community, you may even not be able to fully appreciate their fine art. But that does not mean you should settle anything less than the absolute best.

So, we will share with you our simple guide for choosing the best reborn artists.

Step 1: Do your research

In this era of communication and technology, you can easily do your research with only a little bit of effort. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Reddit are some really wonderful places for you to start.

On Instagram, you can type up hash-tag reborn artists. On Facebook and YouTube, you can simply utilize the search box. And by doing these, you should get a plethora of artists.

And with so many reborn artists in the community today, finding one for you will not be a tough task. But finding the best reborn artist is going to be the hard bit.

Make a list of all the artists you have found from your research and you will later be able to pick the best one by following the next steps.

Step 2: Word of mouth

Little do we realise the word of mouth is a very simple yet effective way to find out if the artist you are opting for is legit or not. Knock some friends in the community and ask them if they had a good experience with the artist or not. Or does someone they know has worked with the artists and find out how the experience was.

But remember to not take one person’s words as concrete fact. Because many times, one bad situation does not fully describe the artists full potential.

So, if you come across anyone who has had an issue with the artist you were thinking of working with, ask them how the issue was handled by the artist and whether they were satisfied with the result. Because the result is the most important part.

Step 3: Checking ratings and reviews

It is always a great idea to check out the rating and reviews of the artist on eBay, Etsy, or other websites. The reviews and the ratings you see on these platforms is a really good way to have an idea about their work, and what the customers that have worked with them have thought about their work.

Step 4: Following the artist’s social media account

Once you have handpicked some of the artists by following the previous steps, it is now a good idea to follow their various social media account. This way, you will get an idea about how they interact and communicate with their followers, and as a customer, what kind of communication you could be expecting.

Communication is the key to turn your vision into reality. So, you should not be investing in an artist who is not willing to do proper communication with you while they are working on your project.

Step 5: Looking at their previous works

Nothing screams legitimacy more than a strong portfolio. You need to look at the past work of your reborn doll artists. Ask them if they have any pictures that they can share or a link where you can see all of their past works in one place.

Step 6: Talking to the artist

Keep in mind that at the end of the day, this is a business deal. So, make sure to ask to talk to them and ask them about their procedures and policies upfront. Because some of the time you may like an artist’s work but not comfortable with their work policy.

If that is the case, then it is a good idea to move on and find out someone else you are comfortable working with. Instead of asking for them to bend their policy for you, you should find someone who’s policy is more in line with what you are looking for.

Step 7: Work in progress photo

A good reborn doll artist will always be willing to share their work in progress photos. This is the best way for you to provide your input on the work and specify your requirements along the way. So, make sure you talk to the reborn on this issue before choosing them for your work.

Step 8: Asking for a timeline

Make sure to ask for a timeline of the completion of the doll. This is a way for you to get an idea about when you may get the final delivery.

Keep it in mind that, the timeline you will be given is only just an estimate. Because creative works usually cannot be tied by a fixed timeline.



Final thoughts

Working with a great artist is always crucial for the creation of a wonderful reborn baby. And those were your step by step guide for choosing the best reborn artists to work with. We hope that it was helpful, and will aid you on this wonderful journey.

If you have any other tips, feel free to share with us in the comment section below.

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