Reborn Dolls for Adoption

Reborn dolls bring hope and happiness to a childless mother. If you have ever lost a child, you would know how painful to live after losing a child. Also, the woman who cannot conceive bears lifelong pain. Having a dog or cat as a pet cannot even ease her pain.

Adopting a human child becomes impossible for some parents as it’s a huge responsibility. In that case, reborn dolls such as silicone dolls or vinyl dolls can be a great option. These dolls can be adopted without any hassle by spending some money. If you are up to adopt one you should know how to deal with it. But firstly, make sure that you are ready to adopt one.


Getting Ready to Adopt a Reborn Doll

Don’t assume the reborn doll as a normal toy since it has a “doll” in its name. It’s not a mere toy just to increase your collection. You have to treat it like a child otherwise it will become damaged or spoiled. Full attention and care are needed to foster a reborn toddler just like a human baby.

It’s a big decision to make so don’t take it lightly. The people around you and your partner should have a welcoming mind towards this un-alive baby doll. Not everyone understands the value of this object. It’s a recent hobby that has been introduced in the 90s, so many haven’t heard about it yet. People may consider it very weird and horrifying to some extent. You should have the determination to cope with this situation. So, if you are planning to adopt one just for a casual hobby, I think, you should reconsider the thought.

As more energy and time are needed to adopt and rear this baby, make yourself mentally prepared. You will get plenty of admiration when your friends will see a lovely baby in your arms. Think about your own satisfaction first and if you are ready in every way, go for adopting one.


Where to Find a Reborn Doll for Adoption

There are plenty of ways to get a reborn doll. Being quite popular, this doll has several artists and dealers. The reborn doll artists handmade these dolls in their shops and home. Sometimes they give it free but, in most cases, you have to buy it. You can go to their shop and choose one for you to adopt, or you can order customised dolls.

Some parents want to have a silicon doll the same as their lost baby or adopt a twin silicon baby similar to their daughter. Depending on the customers’ choice, artists make the dolls and make them pleased. Remember that, it takes some time to prepare customised babies, so order six to eight weeks before you need it.

Also, there are many reborn dolls nursery where you will find plenty of dolls to adopt. You can visit there, see their home and lifestyle, and pick one to take with you. Visiting these babies will make you happy after all.

People who aren’t capable of visiting a shop or nursery can get toddlers online. You will find websites that give dolls for the adoption of famous brands such as The Ashton-Drake Galleries, Paradise Galleries, Adora Toddler, JC Toys Berenguer Boutique, Joymor, etc.


Arrange the Right Environment for Your Reborn

Before adopting a reborn you should ensure a suitable environment at your home for it. The everyday items of your home can harm or damage the reborn. Check your home and think if there’s anything harmful in your house or not. It’s your duty to give a nice and safe environment for your baby doll.

Pets such as cats, dogs can cause danger to your reborn by scratching with their claws and teeth. It can damage the vinyl and paint that you cannot fix. So, what should you do? Should you avoid adopting reborn because of your pets? Absolutely not. All you have to do is keep your baby doll somewhere safe where the pets cannot reach and harm.

Make a separate place for your baby and protect it from being damaged. There may be other things that can possibly harm the material of your toddler, and they are spilled drinks, humidity, exposure to excessive sunlight, cleaning chemicals, etc. Try to avoid these types of harmful things to keep your baby safe.


Can You Adopt a Reborn Doll for Your Child?

Actually, children and reborn dolls don’t go along with each other. Children will treat your reborn as a typical toy. They will bend them unnaturally, pull out their limbs, use inappropriate products for cleaning and brushing them, and leave your toddler damaged. If you want to give a doll to your child, you can buy a traditional toy.

But, if you really want a reborn along with your child, teach her how to treat it. Treat your reborn just like your baby and show her to take care of it. Tell her that it’s not a toy and you will experience a sweet relation between your babies.


How Much the Adoption Cost?

When you want something different, it will cost you some money. Though there are cheap reborn that can be found within 100 pounds, for a super-realistic doll you have to spend more. For a newcomer, it may look overrated, but it’s worth every penny. A reborn artist spends thirty to forty hours to give the toddler a fresh look, and it requires experience and skill.

So, if you really want a lifelike doll, be prepared to spend several hundred to thousand pounds. Besides adopting the doll, purchase its accessories such as dresses, crib, and other caring materials.



This amazingly realistic artwork needs some appreciation indeed. It may be a life-changing decision for you to adopt a reborn doll. Yet, it’s not for everyone but for some people who need a baby to comfort their feeling or those who love to have babies without many responsibilities. After adopting, day by day the connection of you and the reborn will become stronger than ever.

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