Reborn Dolls as Therapy

Reborn dolls can be seen as a tool for psychological therapy. Though many people think what could just a doll would do! But it is not true when it comes to reborn dolls. These dolls are great as therapy and many people have improved their mental health condition by using this. These amazing dolls can be used for different purposes. Let’s dig deep to know more.


The Concept of Doll Therapy

Many people think doll therapy is all about sitting and cuddling the reborn baby doll. Well, this is true if you see this only from your eyes. But if you see it from a deeper aspect, you will find the real purpose of doll therapy.

It brings out the good and beautiful childhood memories which help many people in different ways. These dolls also keep people busy who are suffering from trauma and grief. Reborn babies give people reason to live who have lost it already.

It is scientifically proven that by holding a reborn doll your body releases Oxytocin which is the ‘feel-good’ hormone.


Introducing Doll Therapy to a Person

You can introduce a reborn doll casually to the person who is suffering from anxieties or going through trauma. After introducing, let them make the decision if they want it or like it or not. Don’t force your decision on them. It will impact their mental health.

If they don’t like it then take it easy. Many people dislike the reborn dolls at first but slowly begin to like them. So, wait and give them time to think. Here are some tips for introducing reborn dolls. Take a look.

  • Don’t treat it like a doll in front of the patient. Introduce the doll as if it is a real baby and treat it accordingly.
  • Get a realistic doll. But make sure it does not cry. Otherwise, it might make the patient upset.
  • Do not force it. Give them time to know the doll well.


Doll Therapy in Different Purposes

Nowadays, many people especially women use reborn dolls for therapy. They treat the dolls just like a real baby. They bathe them, dress them, buy them real clothes and also, take them out for walks.

A reborn doll is not just a doll. It feels like a real baby and gives you comfortness. However, reborn dolls are also greatly used as an important therapy instrument for different issues such as miscarriage and infant loss, Alzheimer’s patients, dementia, autistic children, etc. It is also used to cure anxiety, depression, and memory loss.

Miscarriage is a common problem during pregnancy. We take this loss as a common one but that does not reduce the pain or grieve of a mother. Many of them bear this pain silently.

But reborn dolls help to externalise the internal pain and grieve. Reborn dolls look like real babies and taking care of them makes people forget about the loss of their own child.

Also, many women give birth to a stillborn child which causes them post-traumatic disorder. These dolls also help them to recover this phase.

Reborn doll therapy is also widely used in Alzheimer’s patients. The doll helps these patients by bringing them out of their isolation. It relives childhood memories and improves receptivity.

Many countries, including the USA, use reborn dolls as a common treatment for these kinds of illnesses. The dolls look very realistic and the weight is also similar to an infant. Thus, it is sometimes treated as a complementary medical treatment tool.

Doll therapy is very effective among dementia or Alzheimer’s. It helps to reduce agitation and stress. By holding a human-like doll they feel calm and soothing in themselves which is an amazing non-medicating way.

Dolls also provide the patients’ companion And, they feel comfortable which improve their communication. A reborn doll helps people to start communicating who usually doesn’t talk much.

There is a chance of sparking the childhood memories among Alzheimer’s patients while they hold a reborn doll in their arm. Patients remember the good old memories from their childhood which is a plus point for them.

Autistic children or kids who have social disorders can use reborn dolls as their therapy. It brings out the emotion and helps them to communicate with other people.

Reborn dolls are also great for people who have anxiety or depression. It keeps you busy and gives your life meaning just like a real baby does. It keeps suicidal people away from committing suicide. They consider reborn babies as their real baby and find the meaning of life through them.


Dangers of Doll Therapy

Though reborn dolls are specially designed to give security and comfort. But too much devotion or attachment might be not healthy. At first, it stays as a comfortable companion but later, it often becomes an obsession and people start to rely on these a bit much.

These dolls can be used for a short time. But it is not beneficial for a long term as this is not a logical solution to any problem. In the moment of crisis, you can rely on it, when you have tried everything and failed. But you cannot rely on this continuously. It might create an imaginative bubble.



In spite of having some cons, in the long run, reborn dolls do great work in the moment of crisis. Many old people and patients are happier and calmer after they adopted a reborn baby doll. They are grateful to have a non-drug solution. So, you can think of a reborn doll as therapy if needed. It is helpful and makes you happier. Please leave a comment below of what do you think.

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