Most Popular Reborn Doll Kits and Supplies

In the world of reborn babies, there are some must-have reborn kits. You can create them with your own hands and relive the moments for years to come.

When it comes to reborning, having the right kits can make the experience worthwhile. Now that the reborn industry and the reborn community has finally emerged, we have made a list of the most popular reborn boys and girls kits available for you.

So, without further do, let us dive right and see for ourselves what they have to offer.

Zero Pam – DIY Doll Making Supplies

This is a reborn baby doll kit from the Zero Pam Store that at this very moment comes with free shipping. This DIY model set offers a well-crafted and unpainted newborn reborn doll kit.

In this kit, you will get ahead, 3/4 arms and full legs. And yes, a cloth body and eyes are also included. The product is manufactured in China using the highest quality of vinyl like silicone.

The kit does not include any hair or clothes. So you have to buy them separately for complete Reborning.


Zero Pam Unpainted Life Like Reborn Doll – 10″ Girl

This is another great Reborning kit by the Zero Pam store. Zero Pam is the manufacturer of many award-winning reborn dolls that offers a variety of high-quality doll accessories.

Unlike the previous model, this one is only 10 inches long. So if you are someone who is looking to reborn a small infant doll, this one is for you. The whole body after assembly only weighs around 0.65 lbs.

The body is made with a mixture of silicone and vinyl. And as you may have guessed it already, the body comes unpainted. The soft-touch of the material makes it more lifelike and realistic. The doll is also made in a way so it could be put on water for both.

The kit comes with no hair. So, you will have to additionally paint or root hair on the head.

The kit is made so you can reborn your own mini baby doll. And when it comes to quality, this company makes no compromises.


Pinky Reborn Doll Supplies with Pacifier

Pacifier is something that most reborn artists use on their reborn dolls. A reborn baby with a pacifier made by a great artist is something that can melt your heart way.

And to do so, you need the right kind of quality pacifier. And the great news is, Pinky reborn (One of the most reputed Reborn doll manufacturer) has come up with their 4pcs pacifier set.

The pacifier needs to be fixed with a magnet just the right way, so it can be used inside the doll’s mouth. The pacifier already is fixed with a magnet inside. So, the other one needs to go into the mouth of the doll and glued in the right direction.


BOSOBO Paint Brush Set

If you plan on Reborning boys or girls doll, having the right set of tool brush is the key. And this is exactly where this paintbrush set by BOSOBO comes into play.

This kit has 10 different sets of paintbrushes with a variety of sizes and shapes to handle all of your Reborning needs. The brushes body is rust free, so you can be sure to make lots of masterpieces with the set.

Colour holding ability is also a very important spec that many newcomers forget in the time of crafting their babies. And it gets frustrating if the brush does not hold enough colour. With this brush kit, you will not face any issues regarding this matter.

Not shredding hair, holding shapes, and an Affordable price. This is all you can ask for. So, if you are a reborn looking for the perfect tool for his/her task, get one of these right away.


Reborn Doll Supplies Premium Curly Dark Brown Mohair 20g Look Real Baby Hair

Having the right hair makes the baby look more adorable. And keeping that in mind, this product by NPK ticks all the right boxes. It is 100% Pure Curly Mohair with realistic feeling in touch.

You will get around 8 to 10 strips in the package, which will be perfect for using on one doll.

The product is also 20 CM long when straightened out, and 11 CM long when curled.


Funny House Unpainted 10 Inch / 26cm Full Body Soft Silicone Vinyl Real Looking Reborn Baby Doll

The last on our list is the Unpainted 10-inch doll by Funny house. This lifelike girl doll kit is hollow inside and is very small. But if you want, you can add weight according to your liking.

The craft is very high quality, and the details are incredible. This doll kit is very beginner-friendly. If anyone who is learning how to reborn, this is a great place to start.

This funny house is a full silicon mini-doll with unmatched small details at a good price. So you can grab one start your journey without any sort of hesitation.



Final thoughts

Even though your Reborning talent makes a huge impact on the outcome, you also need to use great kits you make great reborn dolls. With the aid of the reborn boys and girls kits on the list above, your art will reach a whole new level.

So, what are you waiting for? Get the one that suits you the most and start Reborning.

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