A Guide to Silicone and Vinyl Reborn Dolls

Most people are not knowledgeable when it comes to reborn babies. They are unknown to the material and other things that are used in the production of a reborn baby. Well, there are two kinds of reborn dolls out there in the stores namely silicone reborn dolls and vinyl reborn dolls.

Both of them are amazing and you would love to have them. But they have some pros and cons. It will depend on you which one you’d prefer. Thus, to choose, you need to know some basic things. That’s why we are going to compare the two dolls here for you. Take a look.


Silicone Reborn Dolls

The name itself refers to the material of silicone babies. Yes, you guessed it right, these are formed by silicone material.

Babies made out of silicone are generally very soft and squishy because of the material. You can literally twist or bend them. Also, you can whirl the arms and limbs into an unnatural position.

Well, you might think being squishy is great which actually is. But the problem is, it is kind of unrealistic as real babies are not like that. You can not squish them much or twist them or whirl them into abnormal positions as they will get hurt.

However, many people love this feature as they want to cuddle and play with their babies as much as possible. Also, you cannot ignore the fact that these babies are way too comfortable to hold in your arms and feels like a real baby.

The weight of these babies is much more than vinyl babies as silicone is harder than vinyl. The temperature of silicone babies depends on the weather due to the characteristics of silicone. The doll will get hot when the weather is hot and will get cold when it is cold outside.

An internal solid structure is absent in most of the silicone babies. Thus, they can not pose or shape. Well, this might be a problem as most of the reborn parents love to take pictures of their babies. They start to jiggle and it is hard to place them somewhere steadily which causes trouble during the shoot.

You can wash or submerge silicone babies in liquids which is a plus point. You have to clean them regularly. They are less sensitive than vinyl babies and can tolerate much more.

However, they need proper care otherwise, they might lose their original look. Silicone babies are usually costly than vinyl ones because of the material and complexity of the making process.

The lifetime of these babies is not constant. It depends on the grade of the silicone and the way you take care and handle the baby. If you buy a good-quality silicone baby and take care of it properly then it will last for a long time for sure.


Vinyl Reborn Dolls

Vinyl babies are usually mentioned as Reborn babies or Reborn dolls. You cannot squish them like silicone dolls. You can just press their body gently which is more like a human baby.

You have to be careful while touching a human baby. These vinyl babies are just like that. You cannot twist them into abnormal positions. Which some people don’t like it as they want to play and cuddle with their doll without any tension.

The density of the organ and body structure of these dolls resembles a human baby that has bones and flesh. The weight of the vinyl doll is very realistic and just like a human baby, no more no less.

All these features give the vinyl baby a stable structure which is perfect for shoots. You can click pictures of them with many poses because of the stable structure. They will not start to jiggle.

Most of the vinyl dolls have cloth bodies. There is one major thing that you should keep in mind before buying, that is, you cannot submerge vinyl dolls into water or any kind of liquid because of the cloth bodies.

You cannot wash them. But you are allowed to clean them with a sponge or damp cloth a few times in a year so that, they don’t look dirty. However, you can always shampoo or wash their hair. But be careful and do not wet their body as it will ruin their look.

A vinyl doll can easily last between 15 to 25 years if you take proper care of them. As a material, silicone is more expensive but don’t be surprised if you see a vinyl doll cost more than a silicone doll.

Realism is one of the most important things when it comes to reborn babies as parents want to have dolls that resemble real human babies. And vinyl babies are very realistic. That’s why many vinyl babies cost more than others.


Which One to Choose Between Silicone and Vinyl Reborn Dolls

Silicone and vinyl reborn babies both have some advantages and disadvantages. It depends on the reborn parents that which one they would prefer.

If you love you play or cuddle with your reborn baby then silicone babies will be a better option for you. But, they will not be as realistic as vinyl babies.

For careless reborn parents who are not interested in washing and stuff much, vinyl babies will be the perfect option. Vinyl babies don’t need much cleaning like silicone babies.

Both of the babies are beautiful and comfy. So, don’t be worried while choosing. Both will provide a joyful and different experience. But, if you are up for a more realistic reborn baby, then go for a vinyl reborn doll.


Final Thoughts

It is hard for an outsider to say which kind of reborn doll is perfect for you as they both have their pros and cons. It usually depends on the personal choice and preferences of the parents that are going to buy it. As you are going to spend the upcoming years of your life with this doll so you must check upon the details that we gave you, before buying.

Choose the right doll that matches your personality and needs. Have a beautiful life ahead with your reborn doll. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask in the comment section.

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