A Guide to Reborn Nursery

There is a natural desire for many reborn parents to have their own reborn nursery as it gives them pleasure like fostering real babies. But, arranging a reborn nursery for your babies might not be an easy task. It’s just not a place where you keep the dolls but it’s the whole environment that matters.

Making space, putting things, decorating might sound hard work but it’s not an issue if you have the proper guidance and ideas. Therefore, here we are going to give you an overall idea about the reborn nursery. I hope, these ideas will make your parenting easier and lovely.

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How to Set Up a Reborn Nursery

Setting up a reborn nursery might be hard work if you are new to this. You might feel a little bit lost. But no worries as we are going to describe the whole process in the easiest way possible.

The first step of setting up a reborn doll nursery is to make some space. Most people prefer a separate room for their nursery. It helps to organise things properly. But, don’t worry if you don’t have an extra room for a nursery.

Many people do struggle managing a big place. However, don’t be disappointed if you are one of them. A part of your room will work fine for your nursery. You just need some proper arrangements and guidance. If you have a spare room then it will be better for decoration.

After clearing out the area for your nursery, you have to add your items one by one. The easiest way to add items is to add the big items first and small items later. So, you can see how it looks and if you don’t like it you can change it easily.
The crib is the main item for your nursery. That’s why, first, place the crib into a place from where people can see it directly as this is the main focus of your nursery and reborn parents loves to showcase their babies. So, place the crib into a highly visible place.

You can add some other additional things to the crib. Here are some things that you can add to the crib.
• Blankets
• Extra clothes
• Pacifiers
• Children’s book
• Extra toys
• Vinyl wall decals

After setting up the crib, place other big items, and then add other important things such as the changing table, the rocking chair, etc. A changing table is an essential item for your reborn nursery. You can put all the clothes and towels of your reborn baby onto the changing table.

Many people think it’s just a doll so there is no necessity for bedsheets, clothes, and other changing things. But they do not understand that it might be just a doll to them, but for the reborn parents, it’s like their own child. So, don’t get hesitate and put all the beautiful clothes that you want your baby to wear on the changing table. You can also keep the extra clothes in the wardrobe.

Also, you can add a rocking chair to the nursery. The rocking chair is very comfortable. So, you can sit there and cuddle with your reborn babies comfortably. It will also make the room look more beautiful.


Decoration of Your Reborn Nursery

Now all the big items are up, it’s time for decoration. Don’t just fix the items and call it a day. If you want to achieve a natural look then please decorate it nicely.

First, choose a theme for your nursery. If it is for a girl then chose some flowery or fairy tale or pink theme. Choosing according to your taste will do just fine because this whole thing is for you.
Don’t hesitate to choose a unique theme for your nursery. In fact, this is one of the best parts that you can choose whatever you want as a theme.

Making the reborn nursery as realistic as possible is the main goal. Many people just put some toys and call it a nursery. But this is not the goal. Please decorate the nursery very well so that people think it is for a real baby.You can add some stickers on the wall. You can also hang picture frames of you with your reborn. Place some plants into the room. It will give a lively vibe to the room. Hang doorbells and dream catcher to give the room a beautiful look.

Add colourful carpets and hand paintings. Place some photo frames here and there. Also, don’t forget the toys. Give different kinds of toys to your reborn babies to play with. Lastly, paint your room according to your choice. But keep it in mind that it is for babies. So, please ignore black and white colours and paint some beautiful bright colours.


Tips About Making a Reborn Nursery

Keep It Simple

Don’t over-decorate the nursery. Try to keep the nursery decent and simple. The congested and overstuffed nursery does not look appealing and also, it is hard to clean overfilled nursery.

Keep It Organised

Always try to keep your nursery organised and arranged. People don’t like a muddled room. An organised room also gives you mental peace.

Put a wardrobe for Clothes

Clothes are the important thing that you cannot ignore. Changing the dress every day is a good habit because it feels like you are having a real baby. Put a wardrobe for clothes, so that, the nursery does not look messy.

Keep It Affordable

Don’t spend too much money on your nursery if you don’t have the ability to spend. Many people think it is very costly to have your own nursery but it is not. Just keep it simple and tidy. It won’t disappoint you.

So, don’t be concerned about having your own reborn nursery. If you want to experience the true joy of parenting nothing beats the reborn nursery. It gives you the same feeling of having a real one and will keep you busy. If you have any questions about the reborn nursery let us know in the comment section.

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